Committed to customer service, we provide Island business’s  who are exporting cargo off Vancouver Island a direct “door to foreign customer door” solution including trucking, barging, ocean freight and all required documentation and logistics support.

About Duke Point Transload


Duke Point Transload offers a new option for companies exporting from Vancouver Island to offshore markets. We will deliver sea containers to Vancouver Island for your loading. We provide all documentation and logistics required to get your product to your offshore customer’s door. We will deliver the container to your door. Our service will reduce the amount of handling required on your product by allowing you to load the container yourself without cross docking in Vancouver.

shippingShipping to Vancouver Island

If you cannot load your own container or wish for us to load it for you we are at your service. We sit on 7 acres of fully paved industrial property with 18,000 sq. ft. of dry warehouse storage as well.


We have a fleet of trucks to handle all inland transportation between you and our dock at Duke Point.


This year alone our service will remove over 2,021,360 pounds of CO2 emissions from the streets of Vancouver (based on standard highway carbon estimates). This will not only greatly help the environment but also providing significant reduction in traffic congestion on the streets of Vancouver.*

* based on calculator

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